Silicon Zeroes - 1.1.0 Changelog!

As promised, Silicon Zeroes’ first feature patch is out today!

  • Highlights:
    • Steam leaderboard support! Mock your friends for their inferior solutions, or compete with the rest of the world!
    • New ‘easy’ puzzle “Fastcount”, in ‘The CPU’.
    • New ‘hard’ puzzle “Odds”, in ‘Asides’.
    • New ‘nightmare’ puzzle “Parallac”, in ‘Sam’.
    • New achievement: “Fame: Beat board 2.”
    • New achievement: “Three More Things...: Beat Faux-Reg variants 1, 2, and 3.”
  • Features:
    • New animation for beating and unlocking puzzles.
    • Opcode selectors upgrade in a more intuitive and consistent way when transferred between puzzles.
    • Module scoring no longer counts ‘duplicate’ Number modules.
    • Wire coloring for registers and selectors now works in a hopefully more useful way.
    • The game defaults to fullscreen on launch.
    • Screenshake is halved at lower resolutions.
    • Play/pause/ff hotkeys changed to “p” in OS X, to not conflict with space-clicking.
    • ‘Escape’ in sim returns to editing rather than immediately going to the puzzle select screen.
    • Palette scroll is saved between panel openings.
    • Tick limits have been ‘flattened’ to correspond more closely with clock periods.
    • Some puzzle ideals have been tweaked.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Textures should no longer vanish on Windows.
    • Modules should no longer ever end up overlapping each-other (and thus impossible to place) when transferred between puzzles.
    • Discovering a secret while zoomed out now works correctly.
    • Non-native fullscreen resolutions work again on OS X. KNOWN ISSUE: cmd-tab is disabled again, sorry!
    • Resizing the window while memory is scrolled won’t leave memory ‘stuck’ at an invalid scroll.
    • Starting in fullscreen and then switching to windowed no longer allows you to resize the window smaller than 1024x768.
    • Augends and addends have been reordered.
    • You can no longer mouse over a head that doesn’t exist.



Windows - Version 1.1.0 100 MB
Sep 25, 2017
OS X - Version 1.1.0 164 MB
Sep 25, 2017
Windows Demo - Version 1.1.0 100 MB
Sep 25, 2017
OS X Demo - Version 1.1.0 164 MB
Sep 25, 2017

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