Silicon Zeroes - 1.1.2 Changelog!

This was supposed to be a small release revising areas where people were getting stuck. Instead, I ended up gutting and reworking most of a board. Oops!

  • Highlights:
    • Board 3 (’High Speed’) revised and reworked. Four new puzzles (’Clock’, ’Maze’, ‘Back’, and ‘Splitcount’) added; some uninteresting (’Delay Write’, ‘Stages’) removed; various other fixes and reorderings. If you were stuck here, now’s a good chance to give the board another shot!
    • New ‘Hard’ puzzle: ‘Cows’, on board 1. Those who want to get going fast can skip the entire rest of the board, just by beating this puzzle. Everyone likes a challenge, right?
  • Features:
    • ‘Ideal’ renamed to ‘Goal’, to reduce confusion when getting better solutions than the ‘ideal’.
    • Mousing the bottom-left of modules works as soon as Delay is introduced, rather than only being enabled once the auto-clock is unlocked.
    • Added a guide to resizing the game when windowed, in Options.
  • Fixes:
    • Various tests’ time limits changed to be in line with puzzle descriptions.
    • Equals modules behave consistently when ‘?’ is passed to an input after the first two.
    • Re-added missing UI to Corrupted Memory display.
    • Placing a control point under a module no longer causes crashes.
    • Added a log file: <GAMEDIR>/log.txt on Windows and Linux, ~/Documents/SZ_Log.txt on OS X.

Next update should be focused on bugs and tweaks, since there’s a bit of a backlog on those. If there are any small issues that particularly irk you, I’m listening!


Windows - Version 1.1.2 100 MB
Oct 09, 2017
OS X - Version 1.1.2 173 MB
Oct 09, 2017
Linux - Version 1.1.2 97 MB
Oct 09, 2017
Windows Demo - Version 1.1.2 100 MB
Oct 09, 2017
OS X Demo - Version 1.1.2 173 MB
Oct 09, 2017
Linux Demo - Version 1.1.2 97 MB
Oct 09, 2017

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