​ Silicon Zeroes 1.1.3!

This week is a smaller update; mostly catching up on bugfixes and smaller tweaks, as promised.

  • Features
    • Tweaked a few puzzles’ ideals and tick limits, the latter upward.
    • Colored disconnected modules red on the minimap, to help finding isolated ones.
    • Clarified ‘Cows’… so to speak.
    • OS X uses shift-(cmd-)-z for redo, instead of (cmd-)y.
    • SFX for opening/hiding the puzzle description & minimap.
  • Bugfixes
    • The steam leaderboards’ x-axes should be much clearer.
    • Non-US keyboards should have working/reasonable hotkeys.
    • The ‘Faux-Reg’ achievements will now trigger immediately after beating the puzzle, instead of one puzzle later.
    • ‘Maze’ displays its tick limit in the description.
    • ‘Finale’’s ideal is beatable, again.
    • Secrets no longer missing a perfect sparkle.

It’s coming up on a month since release, and most of the low-hanging fruit
for fixes and improvements are cleared up. The remaining projects are
larger, so to give myself time and space to work on them, I’m shifting
to one release every two weeks. See you on the next one, and have fun!


Windows - Version 1.1.3 100 MB
Oct 16, 2017
OS X - Version 1.1.3 173 MB
Oct 16, 2017
Linux - Version 1.1.3 97 MB
Oct 16, 2017
Windows Demo - Version 1.1.3 100 MB
Oct 16, 2017
OS X Demo - Version 1.1.3 (Mojave not supported) 173 MB
Oct 16, 2017
Linux Demo - Version 1.1.3 97 MB
Oct 16, 2017

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